The Synergistic Decade: Trouble or Opportunity?

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The Synergistic Decade: Trouble or Opportunity?

According to some people, there is trouble brewing in the American workplace.

Another generation is soon to enter the workforce by 2020-2021, and many thousands of Baby Boomers are re-entering the workforce after an unsuccessful retirement, ended by economic pressures.

Setback? Or something else?

It is said that generational conflict in the workplace is threatening to change work life as we know it, as five generations ranging from 20-somethings to 80-somethings struggle with working side by side in the office.

Is the sky really falling?

My take on the subject is quite different!

I see not trouble, but great opportunity! As we progress into this Greatest Decade of All–I call it “The Synergistic Decade,” there will be many opportunities to learn, understand, and leverage the differences between the five distinct generations. Learning to capitalize off these differences will lead to growth and success like we have never seen before.

The Synergistic Decade begins

This could be the beginning of a revolution of understanding in the workplace, a decade of discovery which will become the catalyst for global understanding and learning in areas ranging from business to education to healthcare, from government to religion.

This will be a synergistic revolution, a movement of cross generational people drawing their energy, learning, and strength from people both younger and older through the power of tolerance, understanding, coaching, collaboration and connectedness — all centered on the digital platform.

The advantages of synergy

The synergistic decade 2010-2020 will be one of the most exciting, creative and productive decades in recent history!

The opportunity for every business is unparalleled and worth embracing.

This blog is dedicated to examining the challenges and opportunities involved with building a growing organization today. With insights drawn from my upcoming book, The Great Workplace Revolution, and observations as these synergies begin to evolve across the business landscape, we’ll study how these new thoughts on work build stronger, more successful companies.